Thursday, September 3, 2015

Toothbrushing App Review: Oral B Disney Magic Timer App

Magic Kingdom of Brushing App: Oral B Disney Magic Timer App

Today's app review looks at Oral B Disney Magic Timer App, which is geared at younger children from approximately 3 years to 9 years of age. This app was developed by toothbrush company, Oral B in conjunction with Disney. The app itself is free of charge, but will cost you the price of an Oral B Disney oral health product.

The app starts by scanning your Oral B device or Crest Pro Health Toothpaste. Each time the child brushes, a new image is revealed through the appropriate brushing time of 2 minutes. The child gets to collect virtual stickers at the end of each brushing session, which is intended as a motivation for the child. The app, while highly commercial, may appeal to the princesses and super heroes in the crowd, who may require such fun toothbrushes to comply with tooth brushing tasks anyway.

This app does not offer too many other amenities found in other apps such as a flossing timer or dental checkup reminder. It also lacks a reminder of where to brush, and relies only on the time-based activity. Just like other tooth brushing apps, parental assistance is not an encouraged activity. The app may lose appeal on the older crowd quickly, but there are plenty of other apps to try anyway.

Overall, I think this app will have a huge appeal for the Disney-loving kid, but its appeal may wear off quickly. For children that may use alternative oral health products due to medical reasons, this app may not be practical since a parent would need to buy a specific product to scan for the app to function. While highly commercial, I believe it may be just the right motivational tool for the right audience.