Friday, February 6, 2015

Outreach: Give Kids A Smile

The first time I participated in a Give Kids A Smile event I was in dental school at the Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health nine years ago. Every year, the dental school invites back alumni to participate, which I have done every year since living in Tucson. 

The Give Kids A Smile event, sponsored in part by the American Dental Association, focuses on providing kids with comprehensive dental care completely free of charge. At the Mesa, Arizona event, the dental students ensure the environment is fun-filled and complete with visits by the tooth fairy and the opportunity to earn prizes at a kids carnival once their dental work is completed. Local dentists and pediatric dentists, such as myself, have the opportunity to provide dental care for children who may otherwise not receive any dental care at all. This year we were the National Kickoff Site and I am proud to report that we did a great job in seeing hundreds of children in just one day!

Not only is this day fun, but it warms my heart to see kids leave with a healthier, happier smile. Giving back to the community in a meaningful way is part of why I love what I do: How many other people have the opportunity to give the gift of a smile?